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Detail of Prabhupada Ghat

ISKCON Pandharpur, under the leadership of Lokanath Swami , took the initiative of constructing a ghat on the eastern bank of the Chandrabhaga, right down the temple property. On July 11, 2011, the day of Ashadi Ekadasi, the Bhumi puja of the Prabhupada ghat was performed in the presence of the Chief Minister and Gardian Minister. Lokanath Maharaj wants us to finish this project and inaugurate it by the main Ekadasi of Kartik 2016.

The government of the state of Maharashtra, being very culturally and religiously inclined, is very cooperative and is helping the project in a very significant way. Maharashtrian in general are very favorable towards spiritual activities. So far the government has given 1 crore ( 10 million) Rupees through the Sri Siddhivinayak temple, one of the famous temples in Maharashtra ; this temple located in Mumbai is under the direct supervision of the Maharashtra’s government. Both the government and ISKCON devotees are very concerned about the development of the banks of the sacred Candrabhaga river in the holy Pandharpur tirtha.

Prabhupada Ghat Benefit

The Prabhupada Ghat project will be beneficial in many ways :
– It will protect the sanctity and cleanliness of the holy river by installing many utility rooms and toilets in the ghat project
– It will provide clean facilities for huge crowds to take bath
– It will avoid water pollution as direct access of vehicles and animals will be prohibited by the presence of the ghat.

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