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This was the fourth annual parikrama (walking event) organized by ISKCON Pandharpur , with 250 participants from all over India and abroad. Many of them came from big cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Gaziabad, Pune, Muscat, Dubai, and also from Brazil. Our parikrama party was fortunate to have the presence of Navayogendra Maharaj, who gave various lectures during the walk. Other senior devotees who attended included Dharmaraja Dasa, Krishna Caitanya Dasa, Prahlada Dasa and Vitthalananda Dasa. The four-day parikrama started on February 4th and the daily schedule included mangal arati (morning worship) from 4:30 to 5:30 am after which we would begin walking and would have breakfast at 9:00 am. After breakfast we walked to the next holy site, take darsana, have lunch, rest and end the day with a lecture.

Parikrama Highlights

Daily, we walked an average of 15 kilometres with 250 devotees from the ages of 14 to 65. Everyone was provided with free medical assistance if required by the Bhaktivedanta Hospital, and thankfully there were no injuries among our blissful group of devotees. One of the highlights of the parikrama was definitely having Navayogendra Maharaj participate. His lectures and kirtana during the walk were very much appreciated by everyone. It was also wonderful to receive warm welcomes from the locals wherever we went and to do programs in their villages. ISKCON Pandharpur also made many good arrangements for us such as accommodation and hot water for bathing. They also made facility for those devotees who could not walk very far, so they were able to participate as much as possible

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